We strength teams, so the team strength


Professional services for corporates in natural areas which generate attitude changes, improve the work environment and increase productivity. Our value proposition is: we monitor the results after the event./p>

In order to guarantee the success of the event, as well as the maximum impact in th team, we design to satisfy your needs:

First diagnostic

Customized design of experiences

Approval of the proposal

Live the experience

Monitoring three months after the event

We channel the experiences to the aspects that the group reinforces:




Conflict resolution

The events can be carried out in a Natural Protected Area in order to increase the impact of the experience and make a contribution for the local business development:

– El Aguacero

Reserva de la Biósfera del Ocote.
El aguacero is a spectacular space and is one hour away from Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

– El Arcotete

Parque Ecológico Arcotete.
In this spectacular space located just 15 minutes away from San Cristíbal, you can integrate your team while you support Tzozil communities.

– Sima de las Cotorras

Reserva de la Biósfera del Ocote.
This spectacular place in El Ocote Jungle is one hour and a half from Tuxtla Guetiérrez. There your team can live the experience for one or two days.

When you hire our services, you make a direct contribution to Natural Protected Areas Conservancy and to the local communities of Chiapas. Our suppliers are mainly community business, these events strengths local livelihoods through tourism.

Viajes de Incentivos

We achieve fun and integrating dynamics for work teams trough outdoor experiences. These experiences allow every participant to create his or her own business.

Outdoor Team Building

We transform human skills to facilitate personal and work changes such as confidence, communication, empathy, leadership, cooperation and conflict resolution.