Our team


Professional biologist. If you ask me why am I in La Mano del Mono? Because my grandmother told me “do what you love, give your 100%, share it, and the rest of your life will be a consequence ” and that’s what I did.
Nature is my passion as well as its inhabitants. I’ve been doing what I love since I was a kid, which is travel to mountains, rivers, coasts and meet the amazing communities which live there. I feel lucky because I’ve had the opportunity to share the way with some friends with whom we follow our dreams. The consequence: to be in La Mano del Mono.

Mauricio Miramontes


My passion for nature comes with my need for conservancy. In La Mano del Mono I’ve found a place where I Can perfectly combine these two aspects of my life. Here I’ve realized that we can have a human adventure and keep alive nature at the same time because human soul needs pristine spaces, but with the monkeys paw!

Maribel Alfaro

Direction assistant

I’ve always believed that natural things are the best and I don’t mean just the nature which surround us, but the natural and the engagement that people we’ve met trough La Mano del Mono path. This is wat strength my engagement with them in order to communicate and enjoy what we love: nature.

Alejandra Villagrán

Strategic communication

I think that doing what inspires you where you can be yourself it’s really important. This way, you can learn every day. That’s what it means to me la Mano del mono, a place tailored for me: my accomplices, friends and family.

Gladys Barrios

Administration y HR

Since I was a kid, I’ve heard people telling “we need a change for the world”, but just a few years ago, I’ve realized that change depends on us. In la Mano del Mono I feel that I can play my part to make Earth a better place for everyone, while I experience a cultural exchange and I learn a lot with this family, who makes prove that “with local hands, we achieve global changes”

María Paula González

Customer service