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Eco touristic enterprises have to face a big challenge: to be profitable in dynamic, exigent and competitive environments, besides safeguarding the natural and cultural heritage they depend on. We also strength corporative, operative and commercial skills in order to attract national and foreign targets.

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Experiential Training in Ecotourism

A 12-block approach to increasing value to ecotourism products

Business model for ecotourism companies

After working with over 100 ecotourism Mexican businesses, we have developed experiential eco touristic training which allows us to strength competitiveness, knowledge and attitudes in local community, aiming to enhance social businesses which are not only profitable from an economic point of view, but also from a social and environmental one.

The Ecoturismo y Aventura Market Ready México methodology aims to strength businesses so they can achieve international standards and facilitate the access to national and foreign targets.

Eco touristic enterprises have to face a big challenge: to be profitable in dynamic, exigent and competitive environments, besides safeguarding the natural and cultural heritage they depend on.

Commercial development

1. Identifying potential clients.
2. Tools for market validation
3. Markets pivot (discover-validate-discover-validate)
4. Fast prototype to connect maket-product.

1. Basic concepts of marketing
2. Marketing Mix
3. Create direct and indirect commercial channels
4. Commercial allies relationship
5. Digital Marketing

1. Basic Branding concepts
2. Brand vision
3. Strategic communication
4. Create the brand plataform

1. Defining a story
2. Editorial calendar
3. Social Media introduction
4. Facebook
5. Twitter
6. Instagram
7. Pinterest
8. New Social Media and tendencies
9. Social Strategy evaluation

1. Basic Value Chain concepts
2. Find and validate commercial allies
3. Price and commissions strategy
4. Creating commercial agreements
5. FAM Trips
6. Monitoring commercial allies.

1. Visitants register
2. Knowledge of expectations
3. Satisfaction evaluation
4. On line platforms for evaluations

Operative development

1. Reference frameworks for environmental management
2. Environmental planning
3. Better environmental practices for infraestructure
4. Better environmental practices for activities

1. Risk prevention and management
2. First aid in remote locations (International certification)
3. Pulmonary resuscitation for babies and adults (International certification)
4. Prevention and attention protocols for incidents and accidents
5. Travelers assurance

We recommend the certification with the NOM-09 guide with the following modules:

1. Tourist nature guide competences
2. Group management in natural areas
3. Routes design and low impact techniques
4. Safety and risk management
5. Environmental education and interpretation

1. Introduction to experiential tourism
2. Experiential tourism tendencies
3. Experience cycles
4. From recreation to education: experiential learning
5. Ecotouristic experiences co-Design with key actors
6. Experience Matrix design
7. Impact of experiences for visitants and communities evaluation.

1. What is a package?
2. Steps for packaging a touristic product
3. Elements of the package
4. Cost structure
5. Price strategy
6. Package prototypes
7. Evaluations for the packages

1. Administrative processes Manual (documentation and billing)
2. Operational processes manual (internal operation, guides feedback, maintenance, and so on)
3. Commercial processes manual (sales, booking, evaluation, after-sale)

Business development

1. Introduction to Tourism
2. Sustainable Tourism
3. Nature Tourism
4. Experiential Tourism
5. Natural Protected Areas Tourism
6. Tourism Impact

1. Success and failure factors for Nature Tourism enterprises
2. Introduction to Ecotourism business models
3. Business Model
4. Value proposition design

1. Identification of Touristic attractions and its conservancy
2. Touristic product
3. Market analysis and commercialization strategies
4. The enterprise
5. Financial statements and projections.
6. Tracking indicators

1. Legal figures in Mexico
2. Constitutive Act
3. Succession plan

It is recommendable to follow the Distintivo Moderniza Ecoturístico process.

1. Touristic
2. Environmental
3. Labor
4. Tax

1. Definition of costs and prices, as well as outcomes and incomes books management
2. Cost accountability
3. Tax accountability

1. Accountability for ecotourism
2. Counter responsibilities
3. Tracking for tax duties.

1. Participative leadership
2. Basic strategy to facilitate policy-making
3. Conflict resolution
4. Selecting and hiring
5. Training and evaluation for employees
6. Dismissals


We train, evaluate and certify nature tourist guides

Based on the NOM-09-TUR with SECTUR Federal support
(may depend on groups for establishing dates)

First aid in remote locations