Who we are

About us

We are a social Enterprise founded in 2009 in Chiapas. Our organization generates local development opportunities through ecotourism and environmental education while Natural Protected Areas we depend on, are preserved.

We connect local community ecotouristic enterprises with new targets, which travel in low tourism seasons. Thus we support and enhance local community business development.

Our Impact

Over 135 ecotouristic and local businesses have been trained to manage, commercialize and operate in 12 Mexican States.
2,750 trained people to enhance conservancy. 80 jobs per day generated.
With our facilitations, 500 governmental staff is engaged with the pursuit of conservancy and local development
More than 67 Natural Protected Areas have been strength with strategies for ecotourism and environmental education.
Business model applied in 3 natural protected areas.
Business model applied in three natural protected areas. Incomes rise in 8%
Four national recognitions related to education, conservancy and business.
We’ve shared our experience in six countries (Germany, Brazil, Peru, Ghana, Canada and India)