We are grateful for the recognition we have received over the past 15 years.

We create alliances,

for tourism to contribute to the regeneration of natural areas and the well-being of local communities.

In the last 50 years we have lost more than 50% of our forests and jungles, and more than 50% of rural communities have migrated from their lands for lack of opportunities.

At La Mano del Mono we develop innovative business models that enhance the connection of nature tourism companies and destinations with their markets, while promoting the conservation of natural areas.

More than 15 years

Joining local hands and creating global impacts through tourism.

Systemic solutions

Our services are designed to impact structural problems and create lasting change.

Miscellaneous equipment

Our team is formed by an interdisciplinary team with extensive experience and expertise in facilitation; with presence in Latin America.

What do we do for you?

We guide tourism companies and destinations to increase their business potential and impact.
Reservation and sustainable visitor management system, specially designed for natural areas.
A meeting and learning space for those who have made tourism a way of life in their territories.

Our Impact


tourism companies strengthened and connected to the market.


tourism sector leaders trained as agents of change.


natural areas strengthened with sustainable tourism management.


public policies co-designed with key allies.


rural and indigenous families supplement their livelihoods through tourism.

How do we work with you?

We love to help

Take your company or destination to the next level

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What do our customers say?

I loved being able to see how much the companies have grown and how they have linked up with each other. Also how they have encouraged and inspired new entrepreneurs in their region. I learned a lot from it.

Sofia de la Cruz

SECTUR Chiapas

It exceeded my expectations and I find it a simple yet powerful tool to recognize the status of companies for more effective marketing.

Oscar Guzón

ONCA Explorations

Normally we had very theoretical workshops or trainings that overwhelm you as a community... On the contrary, Market Ready was a very human process, indescribable.

Hector Cruz

Guide and member of the Cooperative Huatulco Salvaje

La Mano del Mono is a benchmark for sustainable tourism in Mexican PNAs, a great ally for FMCN to learn and share their learnings. I have known LMM for more than a decade and I have witnessed their evolution and how they have found their niche to continue contributing to the conservation of our country. Thank you for your work.

Ana Laura Barillas

Adventure Travel Trade Association

La Mano del Mono is an ambassador for ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association) in Mexico. Through its team of experts, it takes learnings directly from the industry and applies a vital approach to the future of sustainable tourism in Latin America.

Gabi Stowel

Adventure Travel Trade Association

LMDM's work has been outstanding. I enjoyed working with them both virtually and in person. The professionalism and ability to tackle the challenge has been outstanding.

Alejandro Castillo López

Alumbra Innovations

La Mano del Mono solves very specific needs according to the needs of the organizations and their integration dynamics are excellent. I found the team to be very professional, they managed to maintain a constant link with each organization and contributed a lot to obtain tangible results.

Karla Bazan

Conservation International

Drives business solutions and impact

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Who has placed their trust in La Mano del Mono?

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