Impact Stories

We love to tell stories that make a difference in the world, stories that create global change and help us understand how a change in mindset, an innovative idea or an action can create positive impacts for everyone. These stories inspire us to look for new ways to address global challenges and be part of the solution.

women at the top

Women at the Top

The role of women in different areas of society is becoming increasingly visible; it is in these spaces where the reduction of gender gaps is promoted and female empowerment is strengthened, as well as the promotion of women's...

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bioculturality girl with leaf

Bioculturality in Regenerative Tourism

In the recesses of time, where the ties between cultures and nature intertwine like ancestral threads, lies the mystery of bioculturality. A powerful idea, born from the inquisitive mind of Robert Bringhurst, that challenges conventional perception...

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experiential classrooms with La Mano del Mono

Generating Systemic Change

In a world in constant evolution, the need for agents of change committed to social and environmental transformation has never been more pressing. It is in this context that Awakening Week is being promoted and implemented in collaboration with the...

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