Doña Rosbi, Guardian Of Organic Cacao In The Lacandon Jungle

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The Monkey's Hand

When time began, there was the garden of life. There, the gods lived in courts of exuberant abundance. Each god had his kingdom and man lived in harmony among the gods until he was expelled. Thus, Quetzacoatl, god of the air, was entrusted with the task of bringing man the seeds of the quachahuatl (the cocoa tree).

Quetzacoatl gained the appreciation of mankind in his exile and the cocoa plant grew and flourished for his well-being.
Legend of the Mexican Indians.

Chiapas, located in the southwest of Mexico, is considered the land of sensations. There you can perceive the deep smell of chocolate, enjoy the sweetness of a mango ataulfo, see macaws flying freely in the jungle, hear the endless flow of water or feel the delicacy of a traditional garment.

There is no doubt that feeling this magical destination transmits that feeling of life and it would be worth saying that Chiapas is made of the distance between what the world offers us and an aspiration towards another reality.

Behind the lived story, Chiapas offers us the life of its people. It was then, with the team of La Mano del Mono and the young people who joined us in the program. Experiential Classrooms, we met in the community The Clouds to the entrepreneur Doña RosbiHe manages a small plot of land with approximately 1,800 cocoa trees, where he runs a beautiful workshop to learn about the elaboration of traditional chocolate.

Doña Rosbi in her cocoa workshop


Doña Rosbi and his family are part of the cooperative "Las Brisas Waterfall" and chocolate, although it is a complementary activity, they seek to maintain an ancient tradition. Through the experiences she offers us, around cocoa, agriculture and tourism, it is she and her family who fills us with a certain sense of joy and peace, takes away the emptiness and at the same time connects with our reality.

His venture is called ARYEA and each letter is an initial of the names of the members of his family. From their warm narrative, this family and Doña Rosbi take us on a journey through time to discover the importance of cocoa and how its ancestral customs and traditions are still preserved.

Doña Rosbi has found in her hands the strength to move forward, the love to care for her family and the creativity to create a complementary activity around artisanal chocolate and cocoa. Women like her play a key role in supporting their households and communities to achieve a good quality of life and improve rural livelihoods, generating better sustainability through tourism.

In our program of Experiential Classrooms, La Mano del Mono The aim is to provide young people from all over the country with a first-hand experience in the Lacandon Jungle, sharing with communities and their livelihoods. Experiences that help us to observe an objective world of which we ourselves are a part, while at the same time we give voice to communities so that they can have ownership of its future by opening scenarios of opportunity thanks to a tourism that cares for the environment, wildlife and people.

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