Biocultural Encounter: Yecan Yecan.

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From the first time I was told about the #mujereslocalescambiosglobales campaign, I fell in love with the project. I followed with great curiosity each of the stories that La Mano del Mono was presenting, admiring what Doña Chenta, Dulce and Sofia are doing from their trenches, it is the turn of Cristal, a girl passionate about sharing the knowledge of the families of the Malinche National Park to travelers.

Cristal is part of the Nahua Yecan Yecan Biocultural Center, in the community of Ocotlán Tepatlaxco, in the municipality of Contla de Juan Cuamatzi, State of Tlaxcala. This is an entrepreneurial project in La Malinche National Park, which offers diverse experiences, ranging from traditional medicine to rural cuisine, whose protagonists are the agave and corn and seeks to exalt the Nahua Tlaxcala culture.

She has been working at the Center for about a year and a half, after finishing her degree in Biology. She wanted to focus on this type of project, around La Malinche Park, and the contact with the people and with nature made her integrate, because for her it was the purpose of her career, to integrate the natural and the social. Here you can feel welcome with the forest, with the land and its cultivation and with the medicinal plants that grow in these parts.



Visiting Yecan Yecan is equal to a good taste in your mouth, it seeks to be an experience to recommend, although upon arrival it leaves some people a little skeptical, what the community guides can transmit makes you leave the place very happy.

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Facebook: Nahua Biocultura Center: Yecan Yecan

Instagram: @yecanyecan02

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