The magic of Mineral Del Chico

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The Monkey's Hand

Although it seems to be longer ago, in February 2021 I arrived almost unexpectedly to Mineral Del Chico, a jewel of a magical town that I did not know I had to know. The memory remains very utopian in my mind, after months of quarantine and uncertainty about the future, suddenly I embarked on a professional project that on the second day of work took me to know this place full of cultural and natural richness and warm people.

From the tree-lined roads to get there, I knew that this was a different place, with magic, with a landscape out of a movie. Although it was already night, Dulce and Daniel kindly received us in beautiful cabins where we spent the night and from where the view of the sunrise was breathtaking. This is where the magic began to happen.

The next morning, a day full of activities awaited us in charge of Magic Tours, the touristic enterprise led by Dulce and Daniel, a couple that chose Mineral Del Chico to live thanks to the quality of life it offers them and which I do not question, because the atmosphere created by this place makes you feel out of reality and the rush, as if time did not run.

Among the activities we did on those runners, my favorite was zigzagging through the bowels of the earth, an activity that took us completely away from society, noise and cell phone signal to start a journey through the highs and lows of the mountain, a multisensory experience that allowed us to strengthen our human-nature and even spiritual relationship.


Although I could stop to talk about how wonderful the experiences were and the sense of environmental education that could be contemplated, when I was landing ideas to write this blog, I concluded that the true essence of the magic of this mining town is in its stories. As we walked through its streets, Dulce and Daniel stopped at different points to tell us anecdotes, legends and even important facts about the town, for example, I found among my notes of the trip that Columba Rivera, the first doctor in Mexico was originally from Mineral Del Chico, and they told us that in the 1900s, she used to return to bring medicines and offer free consultations for the miners and the people of the town.

Our stay was short due to work itineraries, however, Dulce and Daniel made us feel welcome at all times, I even remember that last morning in town, they invited us coffee and tamales to the dining room of their house and soon convinced us to go to meet a point in the heights. From that place, a breathtaking view bid us farewell to that peaceful town and left us with the battery and spirituality recharged as I have personally rarely felt before. Finally, I still can't believe I left without tasting the tachuela, the typical drink of the town and with a rich history of mining anecdotes, but not having tasted it is now the perfect pretext to return soon.