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Nature, its Relationship to Tourism and Destination Life

On July 27, 2022, we opened the Local Hands Network, an initiative of the organization La Mano del Mono, who carries out a transformative social process in order to leave positive impacts and sustainable development in the Latin territories through the social fabric that are at the service of collective interests. A space that allows a predisposition to learn together, but above all to generate action without damage in Latin American territories, without submitting to irrefutable rules.

The meeting was attended by more than 60 people located in different countries such as Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, who are part of the Regenerative Tourism guild, but especially of communities, teachers and social enterprises that see the urgent need to design sustainable and ethical bets for the conservation of natural areas.

Together with facilitators Carlos and Eric, we shared different living examples where nature such as water, jungle and biodiversity are a means to maintain and reproduce life in the destinations. In addition, we were accompanied by community leaders such as Dover Aguilar from the Gallo Giro Ecotourism Center and Emilio Geronimo Mauricio from the Causas Verdes Las Nubes Ecotourism Center, the support of the communication leader Fernando Arzac and Viviana Vasquez Duque, who is part of the initiative.

It was a space of awareness where we learned empirically, the value of biodiversity for the tourism sector and the subtle relationship that exists between the welfare of nature and people.

Within the collective construction, we identified the concerns and needs currently faced by the communities, especially the failure to identify the potential that natural areas offer for the well-being of the territories. However, positive cases were heard about successful experiences where tourism has left good impacts from the defense of the territory, cultural rescue and in the re-signification of the destinations around the protection of nature.

The members of the Local Hands Network find an area of opportunity in the commercialization of products and services. This challenge promises development, however, it reminds us of the importance of working from sustainable ethics in tourism, with the purpose of mitigating the environmental impacts generated through the implementation of these bets.

The experiences shared, allowed to make known the transformation we are facing in the world. Changes that are environmentally friendly, which guarantee the permanence of life on the planet, especially in mitigating the climate crisis we are currently facing in humanity.

If you want to listen to the whole experience we lived, we attach the video with the recording of the meeting and get ready for our second meeting on August 25.

If you want to be part of the Manos Locales Network just leave your information in the registration form. Our team will contact you.


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