Experiential Classrooms

Nature is the classroom! Deep immersion experiences in nature and local culture to promote leadership in youth.

Aulas Vivenciales is an interdisciplinary experiential education program, based on the recognition of the interdependence of humans with environmental systems. The purpose is to inspire and engage future agents of change to transform their immediate environment.

experiential classrooms the hand of the monkey

Experience is the method and stories are a powerful tool! In this way, learning by doing, ideal spaces are created to push physical, emotional, social and intellectual development in contact with Natural Protected Areas (NPA), rural and indigenous communities.

Aulas Vivas, is a cooperative effort between community companies dedicated to ecotourism and educational institutions, to promote the formation of environmental, social and cultural values in students, through various experiential activities that allow a deep connection with the reality of the most biodiverse places in Mexico.

This program has received the following awards:

  • Co-design of the best Cultural Tourism Product "Experiencias Rarámuri", SECTUR, 2018.
  • Honorable Mention for his contribution to the Conservation of Nature in Mexico, SEMARNAT, 2016.
  • High-impact social enterprise in Mexico, New Ventures, 2014.
  • Best Nature Tourism Product in Mexico, SECTUR, 2011
  • Best Program to Promote Culture in Natural Protected Areas, CONANP, 2010
  • Recognition as a model of Education for Sustainable Development, UNESCO, 2009.