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Reserva Natura

The innovative digital reservation and sustainable visitor management system to finance and conserve natural areas.

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What problem do we solve?

Tourism is growing and will continue to grow

In Mexico, it is estimated that more than 25 million visitors to natural areas, with an annual growth of 15%. LATAM has similar trends.

There is a lack of an efficient registration and reservation system,

This results in only 10% to 20% of visitors registering and contributing economically to the management and conservation of natural areas.

Very limited budget for management,

less than USD$0.5 per hectare per year, for the management and conservation of our natural areas.

Lack of management capacity

in natural areas saturated with tourism, due to the scarcity of personnel, infrastructure, equipment and adequate tools to manage it.

Why Reserva Natura is the solution you need?


Reserva Natura is a powerful reservation technology for sustainable visitor management that enhances the visitor experience, while generating funding for the management and conservation of private, public or community-based natural tourism areas.


Dynamic handling of load capacities:

Regulate and distribute the flow of visitors avoiding tourist overcrowding according to your needs in terms of sites, seasons, schedules or visitor profile.

Modifies visitor behavior:

Design of experiential tourism products, aligned to the needs of the market and the destination.

Make strategic decisions with data:

keep control of your destiny in your hands with the strategic, automated and real-time information dashboard for sustainable management that will save you many hours of work.

Increases funding for conservation:

create a digital channel to diversify your revenue sources for conservation and natural area management with market-based strategies. 

Drives business solutions and impact

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