Tourism Enterprises Initiate Capacity Building Process for Sustainable Tourism

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We started 2023 hand in hand with 12 entrepreneurs located in different states of Mexico, who were selected to strengthen their professional capacities in sustainable tourism through the National Call for the Strengthening of Sustainable Tourism and Market Ready Businesses. This project is carried out in collaboration with Aztec Foundation, Elektra, Aeromexico, Sustentur and La Mano del Mono.


On January 17, the virtual training process begins, which seeks to generate value to develop and strengthen capacities, promote the formation of alliances and cooperation between enterprises and business partners, as well as impact on sustainability practices, profitability and the conservation of the destination's bioculturality.


The strengthening process will last for 5 months, culminating in a bootcamp where entrepreneurs will be able to pitch their experiences to business partners and validate the offer. The above, accompanied by a differentiating element that is the media presence, thanks to Fundación Azteca, which will be given to make visible the initiatives of each venture. 


The selection of the ventures was made between the partner organizations and the community travel operator. Rutopia. The final verdict was announced during the Innovation Entrepreneurship Summit organized by Fundación Azteca in San Andrés Cholula, Puebla in November 2022. The selected ventures are: 

During the Innovation Entrepreneurship Summit, La Mano del Mono held the following workshop Market Ready: Promotion of sustainable tourism ventures, with the objective of experiencing through a case study and networking the Market Ready methodology and tools for the design of tourism experiences that help to make the hosts visible, as well as putting the culture and nature of the place at the center of the experience.


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