Trip to Granja del Higuerón

trip to higueron farm
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Higuerón: From the aug. of fig tree1

  1. m. Tree of the Moraceae family, with a corpulent trunk, thick crown, large and alternate leaves, fruit of much juice, and strong, leathery, yellowish-white wood, widely used in tropical America, where the tree is spontaneous, for the construction of boats.

"It was a wasteland, they were even going to use it as a garbage dump for Jalpan," says Sofía as she points to where she plans to make a bed to grow a cornfield. Surprise invades me and I witness how a woman manages to see abundance and potential in a difficult and abandoned land.

La Granja del Higuerón is located in Jalpan de Serra in the middle of the Sierra Gorda de Querétaro, part of the Gulf of Mexico mountain range. Wide and deep canyons characterize this region, a fact that makes itself felt in a pronounced way during the whole tour in vehicle: one curve after another. You have to have a good stomach and be accompanied by a good driver, but the overland trip is worth it, especially for the stop in Pinal de Amoles.

Waking up in the morning and seeing the Sierra Gorda mountain range was just one of the gifts we received from Sofia and Anibal at their farm. More than an agricultural visit, it was a transformative experience. Talking with these two entrepreneurs and seeing the energy that flows from their relationship was contagious at every second. They managed to build 5 cabins with the help of tutorials from Youtube and basic knowledge of bio-construction and eco-techniques. The impressive thing was to see the fineness of the finishes and the excellent taste for decoration. It is a great place to stay.



In addition, they have been able to visualize their dreams and materialize them on the ground. They have a number of productive spaces including bees (what good honey!), fish, chickens, horses, ducks. The tour of the place was accompanied by a cute little pig that walks around as the host of the place as well as bird watching including a hawk hunting its prey.



Springs and an oasis of Sabinos represented our climax of the trip, finding such an ecosystem when all around is arid terrain. And that brought me back to the conversation I had with Sofi. La Granja lives up to its name as she was able to see the potential and charisma inspired by the corpulence and thickness of the Higueron that lies right in the center of this great undertaking.