Women and tourism: a perfect match for sustainability

women in the development of local tourism
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Viviana Vasquez

Did you know that in the Caribbean and Latin American regions, women are the majority in the tourism workforce? According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in 2019, women accounted for 54% of the global tourism workforce. However, despite this presence, women tend to have lower paid and less recognized jobs in tourism.

Women leaders, innovation and local development in nature tourism

The same UNWTO report, women occupy 60% of jobs in the "cleaning and maintenance" category, while they account for only 39% of managers and senior officials in tourism. In addition, women carry out a large volume of unpaid work in family tourism businesses.

women leaders in local tourism

Faced with this situation, at La Mano del Mono we are committed to strengthening capacities in the tourism industry by working with local women to improve their opportunities and quality of life in the sector, promoting sustainable practices and fostering the creation of support networks among them. Our work recognizes the role of women in the care of biodiversity and culture, thanks to their close relationship with nature and traditions throughout the centuries.

For the La Mano del Mono team, women are key to promoting sustainable tourism to ensure the long-term conservation of natural and cultural resources, as they can encourage responsible practices among visitors and their communities. In addition, their participation in tourism-related decision-making can contribute to the creation of more equitable and just policies and practices, providing opportunities for women to take on leadership roles, thus contributing to their economic and social empowerment. After all, the active participation of women in nature tourism will foster creativity and innovation in the industry to improve the quality of the tourism experience, as well as the development of more sustainable and responsible practices.

women local tourism

If you are a woman passionate about nature and want to contribute to the conservation of the environment and the sustainable development of communities, nature tourism can be an excellent option for you! Join La Mano del Mono and together we will work towards a more responsible and sustainable tourism!

Local women for global change