Reserva Natura is a reservation and visitor management system in natural areas for the development of sustainable and financially sustainable tourism.

It allows visitors to contribute economically and directly to the area, increasing their management capabilities and improving the quality of their experience.

reserva natura by the hand of the monkey proposes a new digital way to manage the Natural Areas of Mexico and Latin America, generating benefits for:

  • Visitors. Receive valuable information about your visit (before, during and after), certainty about the services you will obtain within the area (schedules and activities), learn about the richness and importance of the ecosystems you visit, the regulations that govern it and can even be a channel for making donations.
  • Nature destination managers (public, private or community). Establish limits (Tourist Load Capacities) and regulations to digitally systematize their reservation processes, know in real time the visitor profile information, share strategic information to sensitize them before, during and after their visit to the natural area, modify visit schedules, communicate relevant last minute information and have their operating budget complemented through tourism.
  • Tourism service providers. Significantly increase the quality of the experience offered by strengthening their management capacities (infrastructure, equipment, personnel and management tools), increasing visitor satisfaction and increasing the economic benefits derived from visiting the natural area.
  • Local Community. The model and projections consider the integration of a 20% of local population that is exempt from payment, thus guaranteeing that percentage so that the local community can return to the use and enjoyment of their natural areas.