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Generating Systemic Change

In a world in constant evolution, the need for agents of change committed to social and environmental transformation has never been more pressing. It is in this context that Awakening Week which was implemented in collaboration with the Tecnológico de Monterrey High School. Awakening Week and which was provided by La Mano del Mono, is presented as a beacon of hope and empowerment. More than just an educational experience, this interdisciplinary initiative offers a deep and playful immersion in culture and nature, catalyzing systemic change through moving and authentic testimonies.

Exploring the Experiential Classroom Program: Beyond conventional education, Experiential Classrooms offer a revolutionary educational perspective. Instead of the confines of traditional classrooms, it takes participants on an introspective and enriching journey into nature and culture. The program's interdisciplinary approach is based on the fundamental belief that genuine change arises from a deep and holistic understanding of socio-environmental and economic systems.

Title H2: Testimonies that Inspire Change: Connection, Reflection and Action

What makes the experiential classroom truly impactful are the testimonials of those who have experienced this program. Participants share stories of personal and social change, detailing how the connection with nature and culture has awakened in them a renewed sense of purpose and leadership.

From emerging leaders to committed individuals, these testimonials reveal how the experiential classroom has acted as a catalyst for embracing interdependence with the systems around us. Nature is no longer simply a backdrop; it becomes a mirror that reflects our actions and decisions, and a source of inspiration to make a difference.

Their testimonials reflect an evolution from an approach centered on the ".me" towards a broader focus on community, family and preservation of the natural environment. Here are some of their testimonials:

"When we went to the jungle they told us that 78% no longer exists so for me it was something like how is it possible that what actions are we doing that is destroying all this is something very strong is to know that we are destroying ourselves so fast because from nothing he did everything and being very united to his community he managed to do that and without him we might have finished the entire Lacandon Jungle but he protects it and it is surprising because many times we have everything and we do nothing and without him we might have finished the entire Lacandon Jungle. He protected it and it is surprising because many times we have everything and we do nothing. And he did everything without anything, leaving aside egocentrism and materialism and being more human is not real, we have to begin to be grateful for the plate that is put on our table, really appreciate the life that I have had and be grateful for all the opportunities that I have been given."

Hugo Gonzales Castañeda
PrepaTec - Juárez City

Forging a Sustainable and Bright Future:

The Aula Vivencial program, in collaboration with Awakening Week and facilitated by La Mano del Mono, not only changes the lives of individuals, but also drives broader systemic change. These transformed leaders are not only committed to being agents of change in their own communities, but also influencing other realities in Mexico. Their actions will resonate in the way we address socio-environmental and economic challenges, creating a sustainable and bright future for generations to come.

Join the Transformation

The experiential classroom program offered by La Mano del Mono is an invitation to join a passionate community of change agents. Through inspiring testimonials and transformative experiences, it awakens the desire to explore our interconnections and challenge the status quo. Systemic change is not just a possibility; it is a tangible reality we can shape, an experience we can embrace and a mission we can adopt.

Find out more about this powerful program by watching our full video with testimonials at the link below. Join the transformation and be part of the wave of change that will shape a better world for all!

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