Jalpan de Serra: discovering a regenerative treasure

jalpan de la serra
viviana vasque duque
Viviana Vasquez

Written by María José Villanueva García.

Entering the heart of the Sierra Gorda, in the orographic region belonging to the Gulf of Mexico, we explore beyond the popular and conventional, immersing ourselves in Jalpan de Serra. This municipality, full of natural wealth, stands as a potential destination in the field of regenerative tourism.

An Ecotourism Enchantment between the Sierra Gorda and the Franciscan Missions

Part of this enchanting destination is located within the most ecodiverse Biosphere Reserve in the country, the Sierra Gorda. This environment is intertwined with the baroque art of the Franciscan Missions, highlighting the mission that embellishes this Magical Town and has been declared a World Heritage Site. The fusion between culture and nature makes Jalpan a wonderful destination within the state of Queretaro.

In these tourist places, such as the Jalpan Dam (Ramsar site), you can carry out activities that connect the senses with unique emotions, such as bird watching, flora exploration and hiking, among others. In addition, in the central zone, you can enjoy the local gastronomy in the establishments that are part of the Ruta del Sabor (Flavor Route).

The objective in Jalpan de Serra is to create an experience where the visitor actively participates in the improvement of the destination and supports the local community through sustainable practices. This Magical Town has a unique cultural and natural heritage, so tourists are urged to be responsible and contribute to preserve and respect this invaluable wealth.

Regenerative Tourism in Jalpan de Serra: Sustainable Footprints in Sierra Gorda

The local community is already immersed in sustainable practices, such as in "La Casita Ecological"where rooms are built with eco-techniques and guests have the opportunity to contribute in their elaboration. This allows tourists to appreciate how environmentally friendly resources can be used to reduce the impact on destinations, avoiding services that generate wear and tear and pollution.

jalpan de la serra

In this project, visitors have the option of participating in workshops on organic farming or bread making, promoting environmental awareness on a voluntary basis. Another example is "Granja El Higuerón", a sustainable lodging project that includes areas and activities for the whole family, cabins built with bioconstruction processes, dry toilets and camping areas.

These projects not only promote the development of the municipality, but also educate tourists about caring for the environment. Collaboration between social actors involved in tourism facilitates the co-creation of knowledge, strengthening practices to promote regenerative tourism.

Regenerative tourism requires the responsibility of tourists, service providers, population and government to generate and implement environmentally friendly projects. Jalpan de Serra offers a unique potential for sustainable tourism products and services, allowing visitors to enjoy every corner while contributing to livable destinations. The integration of the local population is essential to continue advancing in regenerative tourism. 

We invite you to get to know this municipality and support its sustainable projects! Let's enjoy and take care of the earth together!

Learn more about this project at:

Web site: https://lacasitaecologicasierragorda.com/en/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaCasitaEcologica  

A local history written by the student of the Cultural and Natural Tourism Management Degree at the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, Campus Tequisquiapan. Proofreading and style: Viviana Vásquez Duque
Communication Leader at La Mano del Mono