The Fourth Edition of the World Travel Market Responsible Tourism Awards

viviana vasque duque
Viviana Vasquez

La Mano del Mono is proud to announce its participation as a strategic partner for the fourth edition of the Responsible Tourism Award, in collaboration with WTM Latin America. Under the slogan "The future is open. Be the change", this prestigious event seeks to highlight and reward initiatives that promote peace, foster indigenous tourism and address crucial socioeconomic and environmental challenges for Latin America.

Mauricio Miramontes, La Mano del Mono's partnerships coordinator, enthusiastically shares his perspective on the fourth edition of the Responsible Tourism Award: "Latin America is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world and unfortunately we are losing biodiversity at an alarming rate. Without a doubt, tourism has all the potential to regenerate this biodiversity and above all to reconnect with our nature and our native peoples. We are proud to contribute to the visibility of the leaders in Latin America who are changing the rules of the game of tourism to regenerate our biodiversity through this important recognition from World Travel Market".

La Mano del Mono celebrates Strategic Alliance with WTM Latin America

La Mano del Mono's purpose is clear: we generate alliances for the regeneration of natural areas and the well-being of local communities through tourism. We are committed to promoting initiatives that not only benefit environmentally and socially, but also culturally and economically. Collaboration with WTM Latin America in this edition of the award reflects our continued commitment to building sustainable and enriching tourism for all stakeholders. We invite ventures and communities to join us in this mission to build a more vibrant and equitable future for tourism in Latin America.

The fourth edition of the award presents new categories adapted to the Latin American reality, in order to establish a closer dialogue with the region. Among the categories highlighted are biodiversity conservation, promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion in tourism, socioeconomic impact and peace building through tourism, networking to promote responsible tourism, indigenous tourism and/or traditional communities, and climate change mitigation.

The 4th edition of the World Travel Market Responsible Tourism Awards integrates strategic alliances of leading organizations in Latin America. We are honored to accompany teams that we greatly admire such as Adventure Travel Trade Association, Acotur, Vivejar Institute, Panamanian Sustainable Tourism Foundation. Together with La Mano del Mono we invite companies, destinations, organized groups to participate with their innovative initiatives that are impacting and creating systemic changes in tourism.
We extend a warm invitation to local enterprises and communities to actively join this edition of the Responsible Tourism Award! Registrations are now open on the web site of WTM Latin America. Let's unite to be the change we long for in the future of tourism in Latin America! Participate now and contribute to build a more sustainable and enriching path for our region.