Sustainable Tourism: The Rebirth of Oaxaca

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Viviana Vasquez

Amidst the colorful and vibrant lands of Oaxaca, the tourist destination of the Chacahua - Huatulco Corridor has taken a bold leap towards a sustainable future! The pages of the "Manual for the Implementation of Biodiversity Criteria in Tourism Activities" have become the guiding map for those who yearn to create a world where tourism and nature coexist in perfect harmony.

Within the framework of the Kuxatur Project: Integration of Biodiversity Conservation Criteria in Mexico's Tourism SectorOn June 19 and 20 in Puerto Escondido, followed by June 21 and 22 in Huatulco, conventional and alternative tourism service providers came together with a clear purpose: to strengthen their skills and become passionate guardians of biodiversity. Each of them embarked on a journey towards transforming this region into a friendly haven for life in all its forms.

Transforming Tourism in Oaxaca: A Sustainable Future

The results obtained are truly inspiring and promise a bright future for tourism in this region:

  1. Implementation of practical workshops: During the workshops, four workshops were held at each venue, which provided practical tools for the inclusion of biodiversity criteria in tourism activities. These workshops provided participants with the necessary tools to incorporate sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in their tourism services.
  1. A space for meeting and dialogue: The conference also provided a space for meetings and dialogue between the community, public, private and academic sectors. This inter-sectoral collaboration was fundamental for promoting sustainable tourism development and ensuring biodiversity conservation. The exchange of ideas and experiences among the different stakeholders will contribute to strengthening responsible tourism initiatives in the region.
  1. Communication of the biodiversity attribute to attract the interest of visitors: During the event, participants were offered valuable guidance on how to provide tourism activities that foster a connection with the incredible local biodiversity and promote environmental awareness. In addition, they were provided with tools to develop effective sales strategies, thus transmitting the value of the natural heritage with the objective of promoting conscious and respectful actions with the environment. In this way, participants were trained to create experiences that reflect the true value of biodiversity and promote greater protection and appreciation for nature.
  1. Improved management and dissemination of tourism services: In order to achieve adequate management and effective dissemination of tourism services committed to biodiversity conservation, specialized knowledge was provided during the workshops. Participants acquired the necessary skills to improve the quality of their services and effectively communicate the region's ecological values to visitors.
  1. Dissemination of best practices: During the conference, good practices and criteria for the integration of biodiversity in tourism activities were communicated and disseminated. These criteria focus on key aspects such as priority species, planning, water, soil and energy. By promoting these sustainable practices, the aim is to ensure that tourism in the region is compatible with the conservation of natural resources.
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These results are the fruit of a true collaboration between visionaries who seek to transform tourism in Oaxaca. Through the implementation of practical workshops, the creation of spaces for meeting and dialogue, and the dissemination of best practices, a systemic change is being generated in the region's tourism industry. The participants, who have become caretakers of biodiversity, are leading the way towards responsible and sustainable tourism. Together, we transcended barriers and joined in a collective effort to build a brighter future for generations to come. We understood that only through collaboration and joining forces can lasting transformations be achieved from the local level.

In this magical corner of Mexico, systemic change is underway. With every step taken by tourism service providers, with every smile on the faces of conscious travelers, the Chacahua - Huatulco Corridor becomes a beacon of hope and a model to follow. We are on the threshold of a new era of tourism, one in which biodiversity is appreciated, protected and celebrated. Together, we can create a world where tourism and nature walk hand in hand, leaving a legacy of wonders for generations to come.

This alliance of visionaries, comprised of WWF, GEF, UNDP, Costa Oaxaca, Sustentur and La Mano del Mono, is forging systemic change that extends beyond Oaxaca's borders. Their commitment and support are a beacon of hope for other tourism destinations seeking to embrace sustainability and biodiversity conservation. Their inspiring example demonstrates that tourism can be a transformative force, capable of preserving and protecting our planet's natural treasures.

We look forward to seeing how these actions inspire other regions to contribute to sustainable tourism worldwide!