We are grateful for the recognition we have received over the past 15 years.

Welcome 2024: A Journey towards Regenerative Tourism

With the dawn of 2024, La Mano del Mono embarked on an odyssey full of innovation, transcending the conventional boundaries of tourism. But what if this journey was not just about a promising horizon, but a deep commitment to the very roots of regeneration?

Imagine for a moment walking along paths impregnated with ancestral knowledge, where each step not only leaves traces in the soil, but also in the history of communities that have been tireless guardians of their territories since time immemorial... Wouldn't this be the kind of trip that goes beyond the common tourist postcards?

Inspiring Collective Regenerative Tourism

In this new cycle, La Mano del Mono has decided to go beyond the limits of sustainable tourism. While we know that regeneration is a complex and long-term process, we are convinced that the way we do tourism must nurture and evolve the socio-environmental relationships of the territories. We will deeply immerse ourselves in a renewed mission: to strengthen our connection with local communities and their environments, rescuing and enhancing livelihoods through the care and conservation of natural areas. 

This commitment translates into a constant dialogue with local cosmovisions, where each woven word is not only an echo, but a resounding song of empowerment and regeneration.

The journey we undertake goes beyond the conservation of natural areas. It is a journey towards harmony, where the narratives and visions of local communities become essential pillars. In this quest for regeneration, we recognize that the perspectives of these communities are not only valuable, but fundamental to creating livelihoods in balance with nature. It is in this connection and mutual understanding that we find the true essence of regenerative tourism: a path towards harmonious coexistence between humans and their environment, where every action seeks to strengthen and revitalize the livelihoods of local communities.

In this new chapter, La Mano del Mono invites you to question convention, to imagine a journey where every cultural exchange and dialogue becomes a step towards a communal and regenerative future. Will you join this exploration towards authentic and lasting change? 

Innovating for Regeneration: Community-Based Projects

In this dynamic 2024, La Mano del Mono has embraced innovation as the driving force of regeneration. Each project, conceived from community roots, not only seeks to preserve cultural heritage, but also to infuse vitality into the sustainable livelihoods of communities.

A tangible example of this commitment is materialized in the Oaxaca Coast project, a strategic alliance between SECTUR, WWF, Sustentur and La Mano del Mono. With an eye on the future, this plan extends until the second quarter of 2026, aiming not only to strengthen relations between the private and community sectors, but also to promote sustainable tourism development that encompasses the entire coast of Oaxaca around responsible tourism.

In another corner of the country, under the wing of the project "Resilience of communities that depend on nature tourism in the face of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic", executed by GIZ - Mexico and financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), a significant transformation in the local livelihoods of 23 enterprises has been achieved. This project went beyond strengthening business and operational capacities; it has raised awareness and empowered community tourism entrepreneurs. In addition, it has woven strong cross-sector partnerships, connecting nature tourism experiences with markets committed to sustainability.

These are not just projects, they are regeneration catalysts that demonstrate that innovation and strategic collaboration can transform not only destinations, but also the quality of life of local communities. 

After fifteen years of experience and learning at La Mano del Mono, now at the crossroads of innovation and rediscovery, we have identified three cardinal values that will guide our journey towards a tourism that not only seeks to restore, but also to strengthen the human bond with nature:

  1. Weaving Empowerment: Collaboration with Communities

At the very core of our mission, we embrace the Value of Empowerment through Community Collaboration. We immerse ourselves in the richness of local communities, recognizing their knowledge as fundamental pillars. Through respectful co-creation, guided by the Market Ready methodology, we continue to give these communities an active role in shaping their destiny. Each connection forged is a bond woven with respect and commitment, honoring cultural integrity as we move together toward a regenerative future.

  1. Generating Net Positive Impacts: Local Regenerative Development

At the core of our commitment, we embrace the Value of Net Positive Impacts in Local Regenerative Development. We are dedicated to generating meaningful transformations, transcending the boundaries of economic benefits to become a transformative force. Our commitment extends beyond mere financial prosperity, seeking to improve the quality of life of the local communities we call home. We strive to be architects of revitalization, guiding tourism destinations towards sustainability and regeneration, where every action taken leaves a lasting positive footprint.

  1. Inspiring Collective Change: Narratives that Resonate

Embracing the Courage to Inspire Collective Change through Powerful Narratives, we weave tales of hope and empowerment that go beyond words. We become storytellers of collective change, sharing stories that resonate in the hearts of other organizations and travelers. Our mission in this 2024 will be to guide those who seek to embrace regenerative tourism, encouraging them to adopt similar approaches. We envision a future where tourism not only regenerates the land, but also removes the social fabric of local communities, each narrative told as a crucial step towards that vision.

Join in the creation of this powerful shift that guides us towards a transformative tourism, one that not only embraces preservation, but also awakens regeneration. Your voice will be essential in shaping this story that redefines our commitment to the world and its treasures!

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