Impulso Sostenible at AdventureNEXT Latin America 2023 Bogotá, Colombia

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Viviana Vasquez

In an event full of emotions and significance, the AdventureNEXT Latin America 2023 held in Bogota, Colombia, an initiative to promote sustainable and responsible tourism. From June 25-27, international partners joined La Mano del Mono, along with delegates, buyers and media from around the world, to share experiences and explore how adventure tourism can become a powerful instrument for peace and local development.

AdventureNEXT Latin America 2023 promotes adventure tourism as an instrument of peace and fosters connection through music!

Preserving our environment and taking care of the local communities were values highlighted during the AdventureNEXT Latin America 2023. Through collaborations with international partners, the importance of maintaining a balance between tourism and local life was emphasized, thus allowing for a regeneration of the human connection with nature, promoting economic growth and environmental respect at the local level.

La Mano del Mono played a key role in establishing international partnerships to promote sustainable and responsible tourism. Through interaction and the exchange of experiences, essential knowledge was gained on how tourism can be an engine of economic, environmental and social development.

One of the most valuable lessons learned from the event was that tourism must benefit both travelers and hosts, understanding our interdependence with the natural environment for livelihoods. This awareness prompted the formation of strong and lasting partnerships among participants, with the vision of building a promising future for sustainability.

The event took place in the vibrant city of Bogota, known as one of UNESCO's Cities of Music. In this setting, where music flows with more than 1045 rhythms, adventure tourism and music were fused as powerful tools to connect the peoples of the world.

During the AdventureNEXT Latin America 2023In addition, educational sessions, workshops and a Marketplace were held, offering multiple opportunities to network and promote the exchange of ideas. Delegates also had the privilege of immersing themselves in the country's rich and diverse cultural scene, enjoying the music, culture and exquisite traditional Colombian cuisine.

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The event demonstrated that adventure tourism and music go beyond entertainment and can have a transcendental impact. Both have the ability to bring people together, promote peace and build strong international relationships. Thanks to the collaboration with our international partners, the foundations were laid for a future in which tourism becomes an engine of local, economic and environmental development.

At La Mano del Mono, our dedication to sustainability and responsible tourism fills us with joy as we find new international allies. Together, we strive to build a world in which tourism is an instrument for global transformation.

We thank the Adventure Travel Trade Association for this invitation and for making us part of this great family.