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Rancho Suelo Vivo, A Little Serrano Corner

Written by Azul María Olvera Bárcenas.

Rancho Suelo Vivo, a project rooted in the Sierra Gorda in Queretaro, Mexico, stands as a unique corner. This venture focuses on diversified agricultural production, rural tourism, environmental education and the preservation of biodiversity under a regenerative approach. Strategically located in Tonatico, just forty minutes from the municipality of Pinal de Amoles, it has become a mountain jewel.

The founders, Marta Hernández and Mario Pedraza, share that the genesis of this project arose with the aspiration to address one of the greatest concerns of their lives: "how to be parents in the 21st century". They aspired to recreate the childhood full of love, connection with nature and peace that they themselves enjoy, now sharing it with their own children.

A Regenerative Refuge in the Sierra Gorda of Querétaro

Rancho Suelo Vivo's work is truly integral, encompassing the raising of goats, sheep and cattle for the production of dairy and meat products. In addition, it is dedicated to the production of vegetables, cereals and fruits through organic agriculture. The ranch also opens its doors to visitors, offering them the opportunity to enjoy local products, learn about sustainable rural life and broaden their ecological awareness through courses, tours and stays.

As a project incorporated and born from the philosophy of the "Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda", Rancho Suelo Vivo prioritizes the promotion of the importance of knowing the origin of our food. It also emphasizes the functioning of organic and seasonal production, highlighting the negative effects of consuming industrialized products or products loaded with artificial fertilizers. All this is linked to the responsibility in the development of a broad environmental awareness regarding our ecosystems, flora and fauna, with direct repercussions on integral health.

The activities at Rancho Suelo Vivo are diverse, from hiking trails that offer an enriching experience surrounded by magnificent natural views, birds, plants, insects, sounds and smells. In addition, we offer the service of camping in "magical" points of the ranch, allowing an organic connection with the environment. For those seeking comfort and contact with nature, glamping options are available. The ranch has barbecue grills and complete bathrooms.

Workshops are also offered to start home gardens, the opportunity to enjoy warm bonfires under the starlight and culinary experiences with local products from Tonatico and Rancho Suelo Vivo itself. The gastronomy stands out for the combination of the traditional with the fineness of the cheeses and meat products made by the Pedraza Hernandez family. Through the ranch-school, environmental awareness talks are given and holistic management and affectionate treatment of the ranch's animals are promoted, contributing to the formation of the character and personality of families and visitors.

If we are people who appreciate introspection and seek exclusive experiences, Rancho Suelo Vivo shares our same vision. Its distinctive feature is to work with a small group of visitors at a time, creating a relaxed atmosphere during the stay. This philosophy provides the opportunity to participate in a type of tourism that encourages responsibility, where we enjoy the environment while respecting and valuing the natural and cultural resources of the destination. This unique destination is highly recommended for those exploring the Sierra Gorda Queretaro.

A local history written by the student of the Cultural and Natural Tourism Management Degree at the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, Campus Tequisquiapan. Proofreading and style: Viviana Vásquez Duque
Communication Leader at La Mano del Mono



Proofreading and style: Viviana Vásquez Duque
Communication Leader at La Mano del Mono

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