Weaving Stories With A Scent Of Coffee And Mountainsweaving Stories With A Scent Of Coffee And Mountains

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The Monkey's Hand

Marieli, a woman who through her sensitivity, charisma, commitment, effort, and leadershipShe has been a key element in the evolution of her business and in the development of her local community. It is she who opens an interesting opportunity for a future of sustainable progress and equality.

Talking about coffee and talking about women would seem to be two different matters. However, this history teaches us the opposite, women are present in the history of coffee from the harvest of the first bean to the final moment of serving it in a cup. Unfortunately, there is still a gender inequality that needs to be addressed, as women carry out a large part of the productive activities and are the ones that obtain the least benefits from their work.

At La Mano del MonoWe are convinced that the participation of women is transcendental and vital for this work, since throughout history they have been in charge of harvesting, processing and drying the grain, which are key points to determine the quality of the product and its recognition in the industry. It should be noted that women farmers produce between 20% and 30% less than men, and this is due to the lack of access to information and opportunities, thus depriving them of personal and professional development.

Marieli, belongs to the Cooperative The Lakes of Colors SSS and, together with her colleagues, they promote the sale of Café Yichen and Café Tziscao. They understand the need to encourage participation in leadership roles, to link it with equity and equality of development opportunities, including the commercialization of gender coffee. One of their main challenges is to strengthen the work of women as entrepreneurs and thanks to their great effort, perseverance and progress, today they are proud owners and administrators of their businesses.

At the end of a cup of coffee, there is always hope...


La Mano del Mono, dedicates this story in recognition of those women who day after day get up with enthusiasm and after much effort make their participation memorable in the spaces of development. There is no doubt that for this example of women, doing things with enthusiasm means producing a full coffee and a tourism that respects society and the environment. Working with heart means development.

At La Mano Del Mono we believe in the power of partnerships to conserve natural areas and generate wellbeing in communities through innovative business models around nature tourism.


Local hands for global change.